I began my journey into the art of Kali in July 2017 after visiting a friends martial arts store in Melbourne and seeing Filipino weaponry displayed along the walls. I was surprised to know we had a martial art as I hadn't heard of Kali before. As my friend showed me the weapons I decided that I was going to join a club. After a short time training and recognising Kali as one of the great arts to come out of Philippines I knew this was something I wanted to continue to explore. I was inspired to create new olisi designs after seeing the few traditional options available (scorpion, tiger paw, twirl) and through the art wanted to convey a story about the culture and history behind FMA. The works reimagine traditional symbolism from across the archipelago into contemporary designs and ideas. Each work is individually handcrafted by burning oak wood (Australian) or rattan vine (Philippines). I'm proud of the hard work that has gone into each of these pieces and am happy to be able to share it with the rest of the Kali community around the world.

I was born in Quezon City Philippines and raised in Melbourne Australia. I completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in both Indigenous Cultures and Art History. I am an online student of Kapatiran Mandarigma (current), Visualising Flow VTC (current), and Pekiti University (1yr). I was a member of the Monash University Arnis Kalis Ilustrisimo Club (3yrs), and for a very brief time a student of Cacoy Doce Pares Melbourne (3mths), and a student of Philippine Combatives (1yr).

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