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These elegant movements allow me to connect to ancestral knowledge that formed during a time of great conflict in the Philippines. It's part of our history and a testimony to the lives of those who came and fought before us. I am so grateful to be able to practice the same movements today. It's a true living art that survived through the fire and adapted to a new contemporary age.


The limited olisi collection was my first project and has a very special place in my heart. They are handmade and personalised olisi inspired by the Indigenous Filipino martial arts. They have also been a bridge for me to connect and get to know wonderful people around the world, to learn and be inspired together. Each one tells a story about place, environment, culture, or history. The works reimagine traditional symbolism from across the archipelago into contemporary designs and ideas. Each olisi is individually handcrafted by burning oak wood (Australian) or rattan vine (Philippines).


Martial arts, health & fitness lifestyle photography / videography coming soon. For enquiries please contact me.


Louella Esguerra

I began my journey into the art of Kali in July 2016 after visiting my friends martial arts store and seeing Filipino weaponry displayed along the walls. This was the first time I had heard of FMA and was surprised to find out we had a martial art so decided to pursue training in the Kalis Ilustrisimo style and explore it further. I had just completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in both Indigenous Cultures and Art History and it dawned on me that Kali was possibly one of the greatest arts to come out of the Philippines. This inspired me to create new olisi designs and through my art I wanted to weave a story about our fascinating Filipino culture and history as well as promote FMA to the world. I have since branched into other creative projects inspired by FMA including video, writing, vlogs, photography, and collaborations.

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