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louella esguerra

I began my journey into the art of Kali in July 2016 after visiting my friends martial arts store and seeing Filipino weaponry displayed along the walls. This was the first time I had heard of FMA and was surprised to find out we had a martial art so decided to pursue training and explore it further. I had just completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in both Indigenous Cultures and Art History and it dawned on me that Kali was possibly one of the greatest arts to come out of the Philippines. This inspired me to create new olisi designs and through my art I wanted to weave a story about Filipino culture and history as well as promote FMA to the world. The works reimagine traditional symbolism from across the archipelago into contemporary designs and ideas. Each olisi is individually handcrafted by burning oak wood (Australian) or rattan vine (Philippines). The olisi project since ended in 2022 and I am now focused on other aspects of FMA covered in the projects section.



John Chow's Monash University Kalis Ilustrisimo Club (2017-3yrs, Melbourne)

Andrea Wheatley's Cacoy Doce Pares Melbourne (2017-1mth, Melbourne)

UMA's Philippine Combatives (2016-1yr, Melbourne)


Sakan Lam's Core Combat Panantukan (2022)

Arnold Narzo's Kalis Ilustrisimo Repeticion Orihinal Seminars (2021)

Bobby Taboada's Balintawak Cuentada (2021)

Jared Wihongi's Pekiti University (2020)

Ray Floro's Essential Kalis Ilustrisimo (2020)

Arlene Stevens' FMA Connect/Hagunos sang Sundang 'Swift of the Blade': FMA Women International Social Group (2020)



Ray Floro Military Stick & Lamb Baton (2022, Melbourne)

Ray Floro Kalis Ilustrisimo Machete (2022, Melbourne)

Dan Inosanto Mixed Martial Arts (2017, Melbourne)


The Philippines Times (Oct 2022) Australian Newspaper - "Rise of Filipino Martial Arts"

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