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Gifting Manong Eric Olavides with his New Olisi

I'm so thrilled for Manong Eric Olavides founder of Eskrima de Campo JDC-IO to receive the stick I burned for his upcoming book. This is his second book after 'Out of the Shadows' which was well received in the community. When I was asked to burn this stick I was given free rein to how it was designed. I came up with a few samples, all including the logo, and the one that was chosen was a pattern that represented family. I had read the quote below from their website which was the inspiration behind the design.

"Eskrima De Campo JDC-IO is a lethal fighting system developed by Prof. Ireneo “Manong Eric” L. Olavides after he made a thorough evaluation of all the martial arts techniques he has learned through the years. JDC-IO is taught and promoted in a traditional way, as opposed to the commercial method, which means that students will have to go through a screening process. Only those who are truly committed may receive the teachings. Thus, the small JDCIO group is more of a family than a formal martial arts organization."

There is something about keeping your art within a close knit group of people that I can respect and value. I understand that it's a great way to develop your organisation to a higher standard of teaching by focusing only on a few adherents who are motivated and willing to go that extra mile with you. Yet at the same time feel as if it deserves to be known to a wider group of people if not globally. I have the impression that De Campo is one of those arts that is known to just enough people to keep it going and not enough people to make it mysterious and alluring. For FMA systems like De Campo I think it's important to keep everything archived and available for future generations to prevent loss. I can't wait to read the latest book from Manong Eric.

Visit the Eskrima de Campo JDC-IO site


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