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  • Louella Esguerra

Cardio is Essential

Unless I was sparring or practicing drills for endless hours I always found that FMA lacked cardiovascular exercise. I was always swimming to make up for it. This is why I don't really consider learning FMA a workout, which if we were being contentious probably goes well with the martial/fighting ethos of some (people who believe that FMA is strictly a fighting art and not a fancy workout regime). I wish I could say that it is a workout as this is generally how people perceive me when I tell them I practice FMA. They expect me to be able to go hiking or climb mountains. I suppose it does count for something since you're active but it was never enough to satisfy my bodies needs and I always told people that it was 80% learning technique more than anything else. So here I am (in this pic) going for a swim in the Philippines, doing laps, freestyle, breast stroke, and pushing my limit in the pool. I really enjoy swimming and being in the water. It's relaxing and you can focus all your attention to breathing without distractions and just the sound of the water drowning out the sounds of the world around you. If only this kind of drowning out sound can be applied during a sparring session. It would definitely prevent me from overthinking my next move.

How do you drown out your own thoughts during a spar?

Should FMA include more cardio into their curriculum?

What other sports do you practice in conjunction with FMA? Do these sports open your eyes to alternative ways of practicing FMA?


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