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  • Louella Esguerra

Intramuros "the Walled City" of the Old Spanish Era

I visited Philippines in 2018 with my mother for a family wedding. While we were there my cousin and I stopped by Intramuros a fortified city within Manila. It was built in 1571 and housed the Spanish captain general at the time of Spanish occupation. This fortified city was considered Manila and outside its walls were small towns 'Extramuros'. During the Philippine revolution against Spain, Filipino and US forces were quickly gaining territory across the country. To save embarrassment of Intramuros surrendering to Filipino forces a mock battle was staged between US and Spain where Spain would see their loss to American troops instead. Fast forward to the Second World War, Intramuros was destroyed when America and Filipino forces were fighting off Japanese invasion.

Today Intramuros takes up a smaller portion of what is now the greater Manila city. I'm surprised that it's still intact and well maintained. You'll see Fort Santiago, historic entrance gates, Santo Domingo church, monuments to José Rizal. You'll even see horse and carriage around the streets. This is a must see if visiting Manila.


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