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Ray Floro's LAMB Baton Seminar

After several attempts to enter Melbourne after Covid lockdowns we finally attended one of Raymond Floro's seminars. It was great to finally meet him in person as well as his student Ray Galea. When I first started reading up on FMA I had come across Ray Floro in the Secrets of Kalis Ilustrisimo book and at the time was so fascinated by how many KI practitioners landed here in Australia including John Chow whose club I was apart of in Melbourne. I think there are quite a few people who practice FMA here except they are difficult to find as they tend to hide away in the shadows only to appear during a seminar.

My partner came with me, it was his first time in a martial arts setting. To be honest I think he had a good time hitting me with the baton and throwing me to the floor. The lessons were really easy to remember, which is rare for me. There was an emphasis on targeting the knees, ankles, and elbows instead of the more deadly areas of the body. To apply more power and strength to the strike you would have to use your whole body instead of just relying on your arms for strength. The takedowns involved lifting the head from under the jaw line and twisting the head which made it physically easier to throw someone to the floor. I think I need to practice that a few times to get it right but everything else seemed intuitive and natural.

During their demo's both Ray's would hit each other and I just think how easy it would be for both of them to break my bones. Their height, weight, and strength made my eyes widen every time they would go hard at each other. I don't know how a woman of my size could possibly take them on. I wouldn't mind trying though haha. At least with Kalis Ilustrisimo's system it would be so much fun to learn from them.

We took this picture at the end of the seminar on Ray Galea's phone. I am so tiny standing next to them both! I can't wait for more in future.


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