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Luscious Palm Leaves


  • Louella Esguerra

The Lines

Footwork is an important stepping stone and foundation in FMA and can take time to master. It’s also the one aspect of FMA that I’ve noticed a clear difference between the systems that I’ve practiced. I would go so far as to say that due to the differences in footwork it inevitably impacts how differently a strike will be executed even though strikes may be exactly the same as another system.

The project is an interactive compilation of the most commonly used footwork and striking patterns represented as light art in 20 videos available on youtube. The basic shapes are shown as one cohesive symbol on the screen and light up over time in different speeds. The red, blue and yellow mimic the Philippines national flag.

The main art work titled 'The Lines' is symmetrical on the screen and contrasted with the palm leaf tropical backdrop as a connection to land. It’s a visual piece collating all the footwork and strike patterns together and also works as an introductory to the rest of the videos in the series.

The numbered videos (1-20) titled 'The Lines - No.[x]' all have a black backdrop and are intended for interactive education purposes. They focus on each individual footwork or strike pattern and explore variations. As the lines light up you can follow along in your space and use it as practice.

What I find interesting about this project is being able to use art as a tool to teach and learn. It’s visually appealing and non-traditional in the sense that there are no spoken words, no books, or set instructions. The viewer can appreciate it as a stand-alone art work or can utilise the videos as an aid to their own learning.


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