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The Philippine Times "Rise of Filipino Martial Arts"

I wrote an article for The Philippine Times titled 'Rise of Filipino martial arts' hoping to promote the FMA in Australia, especially in the Filipino community. It took me a couple of weeks as I am not so much a writer, and I had to contact several people from all over the world asking for photographs they could share. I wasn't expecting to be on the front cover of the newspaper but the editor had a vision in mind so asked if I they could send a photographer over to take my photos. I was pretty thrilled and at the same time wasn't sure how it was going to work seeing as I wrote the article. As a Kalis Ilustrisimo practitioner at heart I made sure to include that as well as some Balintawak poses, however they ended up using double sticks. I'm so excited that they've made this the cover article and I hope that it reaches more people to bring awareness to our beautiful martial arts.

Download the October 2022 issue


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