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  • Louella Esguerra

Why I Support Artisan Handmade Products

People have been making and creating things with their hands since the beginning of time. It's something we all carry with us as a skill passed on from previous generations. We might not realise how important it is to keep these skills alive as it tends to get drowned out amongst everything else we consume with ease. But I think there is something special about handmade products and there are many reasons to support artisans and their craft.

One of the main reasons why I support handmade is the person who creates is usually passionate about what they do. There is a lot of 'them' in the piece and its usually one-of-a-kind. They put in the time and effort to create just one item. A machine can produce in bulk thousands upon thousands of the same product. This can sometimes make a product feel too manufactured that you lose the essence of it being unique and precious. Having that handmade product gives it a little bit more life knowing it's coming from a real person.

It takes practice, patience, and time to develop the skills required for any art. Just like FMA takes time to master so do other crafts like silversmithing, weaving, or for me burning sticks. When I got into stick burning I had no previous knowledge or experience. My main art medium was paint so I had to practice to get to where I am now and I am still learning as I go. Supporting artisans allows them to continue with their craft.

Since you are buying from the maker you can have it personalised or custom made. There is something charming about being able to speak directly with the person creating the product and spending time discussing the product you like, what you're after, or the story behind a piece of work. It's a special moment where you can connect on a deeper level rather than just seeing things on a shelf not knowing where it came from.

Handmade can be good for the environment as it most often uses less resources and uses natural eco-friendly materials. This is something I care for which is why I only produce in small quantities. I am able to regulate it and keep a balanced work ethic with the materials I use, the time I spend working, and keeping in mind the impact it makes on environment around me.

I'm so thankful for the people who have supported my work whether that's through buying from my store or just by sending me a private message or comment. It encourages me to keep going and always reminds me that we can connect on some level. I never really know what will happen with my art or what I will be creating next but the people that I meet along the way and the journey makes it worth pursuing. As much as I can I also support other artists and their crafts. I like that I am dealing with real people. I can relate to the rocky road and the constant failures to get to anywhere you feel confident and happy about the work you produce. I understand the financial challenges vs the passion for the art and what it takes just to get your feet off the ground. Sometimes the support will be there and sometimes it won't and you need to find a way to encourage yourself to keep going. You might need to hustle two jobs or have your passion running on the side. You do whatever it takes without losing yourself or your balance. Supporting artisan handmade products has always been a value of mine. The impact it makes on the creator and the local economy is greater than what is seen.


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