Project 1

April - June 2021


FMA practitioners around the world sharing the relevance of training by the ocean

The ocean is a frontier between humans and the environmental space. It is a place of negotiation with natural elements. There is an aesthetic and moral interaction that takes place where the artist performs with natures surfaces not altering its state but flowing with the sound and sight of water. And nature supports this artistic expression as a participating co-agent. Yet nature is fearfully sublime and unpredictable therefore the artists train on natures terms as it interacts through resistance and receptivity. The effects of wind, temperamental waters, shifting sands, shells, rocks, and slippery surfaces all remind us of our own strength and fragility in the face of natures energy.

Training by the ocean is unique to FMA and is embedded in FMA culture and Filipino history. I've asked a few people to share their thoughts and how this relates to them today and its significance to their training.


Project 2

March  2021 - Ongoing


Vlog of my #balintawakandlaneways challenge following GM Bobby Taboada's levels 1-6 in Melbourne's iconic hidden laneways


This project looks at close quarter FMA suitable for tight spaces. As a backdrop I have selected hidden locations around Melbourne that highlight street art mostly found in alleys and backstreets. These streets have become a popular frontier between the enclosed world and the exposed city making them an ideal space to explore the art of Balintawak Cuentada. The challenge is to go through all levels 1-6 completely online. Although I would generally devote more time to properly digest each lesson, for the sake of the challenge I will be shortening this time frame enough to be able to display a basic level understanding.

Visit & Download GM Bobby Taboada's Balintawak Cuentada system level 1-6


Project 3

November  2021 - Ongoing


A reflective journal of my favourite FMA system Kalis Ilustrisimo


The KI Journal is aimed at exploring the lessons I've learned about Antonio Ilustrisimo's system. It emphasises personal thoughts, achievements, people encounters, struggles, and secrets I've stumbled across along the way. The journal is hand made, hand written from the first person perspective, with accompanying illustrations and diagrams. The purpose is to be intimate and private with a focus on introspective reflective and reflexive writing. Selected samples from the journal will be made available in electronic form at completion.


Project 4

December  2021 - January 2022


An interactive animated collection of footwork and strike patterns across various FMA systems

Footwork is an important stepping stone and foundation that can also be complex taking time to master and execute. In these videos I have animated the most commonly used footwork and strike patterns across the FMA systems. These animations are intended to be interactive and can be used for training and education. All it takes is a little imagination! Follow along the pattern as the lines light up. The level of difficulty increases as you progress each video with increased speed, and randomised patterns of movements.


Project 5

February 2022


Women of war and in battle for people, land and survival. This 4-part series looks at the filipina warrior throughout Philippines history

Coming Soon

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