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Arlene Stevens
Master Instructor, Train Pekiti, USA

"Louella Esguerra's precious work goes beyond art. It echoes a piece of our rich culture and reflects the power of nature. I am so blessed to have discovered such a talented artist with a meaningful vision. This contemporary indigenous piece will go in a special place inside our Kali temple. We hope to add more of her work to our collection."

Paul Dee
Instructor, Fluid Tactics, UK

"Although a non-traditional, heavier wood was used to create the arnis sticks, Louella creates such intricate and detailed line work that embodies the Filipino way of creativity and it also reminds me of traditional tattooing in the Philippines. I use the sticks that i got from her for conditioning and for my students to understand the difference between slightly different tools when used in training and also to develop speed. The artwork is definitely worth investing in specially if you are passionate about Filipino Martial Arts and the Filipino culture."

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